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TygerB.com's Dance & W..I..N..E.. 

Adults Only. ID Required.


Join us for a night of Latin based fun, and the wine is on us! A class followed by an open floor for your dancing needs. 

Locations in PA, DE, and NJ.

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The solo/ individual events will vary from Salsa, to Bachata, and even Reggaeton. The partnering events will be either Salsa or Bachata!

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I can't wait to have a great night of either Bachata, Salsa, or Reggaeton, with a sip of wine, with you all. Feel free to see more video samples on my instagram (@tyger_b_ )

or on my YouTube channel (youtube.com/TygerB ). Or simply click on this video to see a clip.

TygerB international dance workshop
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Prior events have been sponsored by many wonderful spaces and brands, such as the following: Sweat Fitness, Make Offices Work Space, Vitamin Water, Drinkers Pub, KindBar, and more. 

I'm happy to have such wonderful sponsors, both past and present, and am happy to have these wonderful events with you all.

If you're looking to have an event in your area, please email me, and I'll be sure to make something happen in the schedule. 

TygerB international dance workshop
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