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Tyger-B's first book, The Nov. 5th Baby, is filled with words of inspiration, love, and laughter. He used his wide range of creativity to touch others in poetic form—to let his viewers know, that he too understands how connected he is with others in this world.

Take a look at some samples from The Nov. 5th Baby, below.


That real smile you present in every conversation applicable creates the joy to continue the talk—sucked in by glee, exploiting the exact actuality of what I long for. Seeing this beauty is beyond the clearest of seas, showing me the flow of genuine pleasure. My mind melts as my cheeks react to being pulled to and from, ear to ear. My vision pauses as my heart competes against my soul. There are even times when my body fades into the cloud as my voice screams silently to itself out loud. Ridiculous it sounds, yes,  but my reactions to a simple gesture capture my feelings and give confirmed truth. She's my heart's present and future, and every time I see that arrangement on her face, it creates nothing but the highest truth.

I've been writing poetry for over a decade, and the collection of pieces within this book are some of my favorites. When I write a piece, it pertains to what I see, hear, and feel about the subject. Every time I write, I'm lost within my thoughts, so that everything written is exactly how it appears on my mind. Thousands of revisions later, I’ve come to the final sayings of what I would like the world to witness, and I'm honored to share them with all of you.



I met her on the 6th, just before midnight, and as it changed into the 7th, I knew something worth understanding entered my life. I met her on the 6th, just before midnight, but on the 7th at 2am, I enjoyed the warmth of another’s soul, and it spoke through a beautiful being. It was informing my spirit to give knowledge to the brain that what it has chosen to understand is also worth creating present memories to look upon in a time for longing. On that 7th, I was blessed with meeting another that shared thoughts and a personality similar to my own, filled with energy and a glow that can be seen by the blind. I met her on the 6th, but on the 7th at 4am, I was receiving a part of her flesh, given by the mind, which was controlled by her soul. Told to do so, a kiss was followed by another until seconds seemed unreal. The 6th was gone, and so was she the following morning at 5am, but only in flesh. You see, what was written in those hours continued through another gift, a number that kept energy and a glow that be seen by the blind. Two souls continued through conversation produced by destiny, controlled by fate and/or faith, all of which was molded in the future of three weeks past.


I met her on the 6th, but on the 28th, she told me, “I’ve just been thinking a lot lately and I really truthfully feel that this is all moving fast for me, and you’re such a great guy that I feel you deserve the truth and for me to be honest with you.” And on the 28th, at 08:13pm, the conversation went silent.



The way you moved me by moving your physical life has been continuously spinning on my mental record player. The way you extended your soul throughout your physical expressions has my mind locked on what you’ve been trying to say without words. I have this distant connection with your meaning, and without trying to close the gap between your preferences of expression and my understanding of a beautiful thing, I somehow feel touched by the rush of life that you’ve given me. When I watched your level of meditation towards your dedication I was lost in your mind and melted with your fallen grace as you waste not a second to become one with gravity. As you were rising I was being lifted with the vision of tensionless precision and you made the life of my heart do something it hasn’t done in a long time. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen another smile without a smile yet show happiness through all of their other physical motions and emotions. You danced, I saw, and I was hooked. This is my first memory of you.


Five feet away from me and yet it took four years to get here with each other. Five seconds into our first conversation, yet it took four months to realize who we are in each others live. Five words gave you my name, but four seasons gave you the best statement ending with yours. Five letters ran my feelings for you, yet four letters ran those five. Five deep breaths happened when I saw you standing there that first time, but four legs created the moments that closed the gap between never and our timeline. Five sentences could never state the total amount of happiness I have with you, but I think the fourth sentence came close enough to express my souls trust in you.

Ageless/Timeless Love 

I press play and hit rewind over and over again just to relive the moments we’ve had together. From the beginning, there were seconds of blessings, appreciated and acknowledged by the forward motions in our souls stepping toward the beat of our hearts. Reaching a fraction of the way through our story, I stop to think of the possibilities of the outcome. Reliving in the moment must wait, because finally coming to my senses has never been at a better vision position, and this HD effort has revealed the true colors of my needs. Continuing with the live recording, I set into reality that time has passed without feeling and minutes on the clock seem to have skipped without my awareness, for I somehow have reached the end of this 3D classic by signing a 2D release that’ll have us say goodbye for the last time on this star. Without you, my past would’ve never reached such a high, it would’ve never gained such a sensation, it wouldn’t have experienced the definition of this emotionally grateful person. When I said “I Do”, I continued and did; I just never reminded myself that “Until Death Does Us Part” was still an option to lose you. May you rest in the same peace or higher than the amount you have brought me.


Your Happily Ever After,  


Dedicated to my grandparents who displayed a great timeline of love, and my only fear.

Unfortunate Time

Time comes for your life to gain a chapter without me, yet I’m not ready. Time comes for life to leap freely in the light, but I’m not ready for the day. Time continuously comes, and waiting is never granted, so I was unprepared for this moment of loss. Time gave the beginning and the end of our bond, controlled the distance of joint, and arranged the length of happiness. I didn't ask time for you but I find myself asking to keep you with me. Lost came when I wasn’t ready and took the body of my connection with you. Mental is the only way I can reconnect but mental is the one who’s allowing pain to emerge and act frustratingly towards seconds. As this time continues, I submerge with pain and anger for my loss of you, life’s connection to a bond, my always here for me. Don’t leave, please! Disregard time’s control, break free from the rules of life to stay with me, and forever we can keep each other's on-going strong. Please, I beg you to respect no longer the importance of time, so that we can last until we’re, —until I am ready. This pain is barely liveable and the anger pushes me to go on as an individual that can’t any longer. If it wasn’t for your thoughtful past lessons, I wouldn’t have survived the moments without you present. If it wasn’t for your grateful level of care, I wouldn’t have climbed the heights of heavenly love nor would I have grown to be the man weeping today. Here I ask you time, give me seconds that will turn into moments of thankful minute, and hopefully a day amount of hours with the important. Denied. My time is now’s was, and I am alone, until my unfortunate time arrives.


Dedicated to my biggest supporter, to my strongest memory holder, to my word of the wise when needed, my personal drive to be a man well needed, to the person who brought the world the man known as Tyger B.


A Vow

Moments! That’s all we have. That’s all we need. What we do with this second plays a factor on how many we’ll have, so I’m hoping that we’re doing what we need to create many more of them together. Some similar, some the same, as long as they’re written with the presence of our frame, I’m sane and tamed forever holding the peace pledged that day. Thinking of the valid truth that I’d rather spend as many of my moments, both elderly and current youth, with you as possible, well... it makes that possibility stronger and more frequent due to its control of every current event.


God-like is the comfort of your love! Looking up and above thanking the being on that pedestal for simply having me “in” the moments she chooses to partake in. Grateful for the opportunities that presented themselves for us to share intense beating hearts. Honored to live second by second, breathing with you as a part of the life I live. Loving the fact that you’re my always "in the moment" “Go To”.


Your matter is my all.

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