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First Workshop
Of 2021 is back and ready to roll out the workshops.
January 30th, 5p - 8p
Center City Philadelphia
 FREE workshop!

This workshop is for me to stretch my mind and push the level up. With that being said, I’m offering a free workshop with only 10 spots available.  The level for this workshop will be intermediate – advance. What that means is when you arrive, be prepared to up your level alongside me. 


How to register:

Email with your name, Instagram page, and one link to a dance video. If chosen you will be emailed confirmation that you were chosen. Please be aware, all dancers taking the workshop must sign all waivers which will include safety guidelines , space guidelines, and the right to be photographed at filmed. 


If you are a dancer under 18 years of age, your guardian MUST approve of the workshop, not just you.  I will not pick all of the dancers, because I do not want to be bias, and I don’t want my other students to feel as though I am showing favoritism. my assistant will pick the spots.


This workshop will be a closed workshop. Meaning sideline viewers are asked to wait at a different location. For those who are traveling out of city, there will be a different room for you to wait in. 


I hope you all are excited to start this year off with me, if you already haven’t, and push our level to a new height. Be sure to check out my personal page @tyger_b_, and company page @TygerB_com, on Instagram. Ialso back to uploading videos on my YouTube page,


Good luck, I hope to see you soon. In class, or at the workshop. Happy 2021!

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