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“ presents Touchy PHeely”
Saturday, May 5, 2018, 6-9pm

1635 Market St. Suite 1600‬
‪Philadelphia, PA 19103‬


This event has everything you need to have a great Friday night. Not only do you get to enjoy the night with friends and meet new acquaintances, you get the opportunity to purchase something for that naked wall you’ve been meaning to occupy!

Performances, giveaways, and an open bar for guests who arrive within the first hour—there’s no reason you shouldn’t make this event a wonderful one for every artist involved!


Multiple FREE giveaways including:


Gym memberships 

Apparel  from


Do you need to pay for a raffle ticket...NO! Why? Because we want you to purchase art from one of the artists at the event, not give us more money. We support our artists, their art, and their dreams. When you enter, simply hand us a business card as your raffle ticket!


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Tyger's Instagram - @Tyger_B_

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Out of Stock
  • With the purchase of your ticket, you will be placed on the guest list. Please have proper ID and a business card (if applicable) at the door. The business card is for a chance to get a free gift that will be raffled out during the event.


    The doors will open for guests at 7pm sharp! Enjoy the open bar for the first hour for free. If you arrive earlier than 7pm, you will be directed to the waiting area, so feel free to come earlier if needed. 


    Please, No photos of the artist work without their permission.


    No smoking allowed in the building. 


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