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March 19th, 2024



144 Clinton Ave
Williamstown, NJ

(Free parking available)



5pm to 7pm - Partner Latin Dance Workshop (Limited to 10 partners, teens and adults only)

5pm to 7pm - Kids Dance Workshop (Limited to 10 individuals, kids 18 y/o and below only), 30 minutes solo Salsa Dance, 1.5 hrs beginner Breaking (Break Dancing). If you have multiple kids, please contact us so that we can work something out.


*Please arrive between 15 - 20 minutes early. We will start on time, and you must check in before we start.


Need to Know

The reserved spot that your purchasing is not the full payment. Please see the full amount below. The remaining amount needs to be paid in cash before you start the workshop. 

Partner Workshop - $50 total

Partner & Kids Workshop - $75 total


(we will not be providing change)


-If you’re taking the partner workshop, you only need to reserve one spot, and it will cover you and your partner. You must have your own partner, there will be no extra individuals at the workshop. 

-The kids workshop should be taken by kids who are able to follow in a beginner level dance class. We like to make sure that everyone is aware that the teachers are not sitters for the event, and look forward to having a great dance class with the kids. 

-Cups and water bottles will not be provided. Please bring a full water bottle (or a few), or purchase water beforehand. 

- Mask are required. We will not be providing mask, you must bring your own. 



Waiver and Release

By appearing on the day of the workshop, you and any addition parties waive and release all rights and claims for any injures, health issues, loss or damages to your personal property, that you or your party may have against, it’s staff, or owner. Furthermore, this also applies to the space which is used for this event. 

Any photos or videos taken by or working parties, will be used for future promotions (possibly). By enter the space for the workshop, you waive the possibility to not be in future promotional material. 



-Bring a change of clothing, and maybe an additional long sleeve. 

-Come early to warm up.

-Bring an additional mask. Just in case the one you’re wearing gets sweaty.

-If you’ve never been in the space before, I suggest that you bring more than one pair of shoes. This way you’re comfortable with the extra grip or smoothness of the floor.



-Are classes beginner friendly?

Yes! All classes will be open level friendly. All instructors have been prepped for advanced students, and other levels that want to join also. No worries for anyone taking class, this workshop is for you!


-Do we have to wear certain clothes?
Personal choice! Please feel comfortable!


-Are guests allowed to come in and watch?

Sorry, no. I want all students to be comfortable in the space and not feel as though they're being watched or judged. Plus, Covid life, you know.


-Will there be food available?

Inside of the workshop area, no. There’s a deli directly below the workshop area. Dancers should be prepared and bring their own water as well.’s NJ Workshops - Spot Reserve

Out of Stock
  • All sales are final. Please have ID at the door. 

  • This is not the full amount for the workshop. Please see details for the full amount that you should pay. You can deduct this $10 from the full amount, and the rest should be paid with cash at the event.

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