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About Nationals

I'm so happy to bring this competition to this region, giving young professionals and adults an opportunity, to showcase their hard work and abilities. As a person who frequently travels, and have had these experiences with other dancers around the world, I'm proud to bring this opportunity normally set on another continent, to this region! Being an international dancer myself, I saw the levels that were presented, and couldn't be happier to be in a totally different settings. And now, that setting is coming to you. Lets experience the next level of dance together, and compete with great intentions.


2022 The 5th US Starlight Youth Talent Competition

Hosted by:

American Dancer Association

Organized by:

J.I.A. International Group INC



Dance Categories: 

Ballet, Modern, Classical, National, Tap, Gymnastics, Latin, HipHop, Fusion Dance



Toddler (4-8 years old):

Junior   (9-12 years old)

Teenager (13-17 years old)

Adult     (18-25 years old)

1st Round:  Submit the Video (deadline: November 10th)


Competition Rules and Guidelines


1. Performance Time:

-3 minutes (1-3 contestants)

-5 minutes (4 or more)


2. The content of a contestant’s performance should advocate positive, meritorious, and healthy values; the organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify any performance that are religiously misleading or politically implicative.


3. For Fusion Dance, each dance must have a minimum of two different styles. Displaying vocabulary and choreography that showcases clear distinctions of each style included.


About The Competition


For all categories within each division, there would be 1 Champion, 2 Runner-up, 3 Second Runner-up, several Recognition Awards, and Judge Special Awards (each judge selects 1 contestant). 




Judging And Notes

Your teacher and in-studio judge, Tyger-B has been around the world competing, Judging, and handling workshop for the last 15 years. Doing tours in countries like, Canada, Russia, China, Japan, South Africa, and more, Tyger-B is happy shine a light on each dancer he meets; and is looking forward to seeing your studio dancers soon.

Workshop Dance Style Options: HipHop, Dancehall, House, Salsa, Bachata Fusion, Floor Work, Popping, Locking, Improv.

As you register for the workshop. You will also see the option for Judging and Notes". This will be the selection to make if you're also looking for Tyger-B to view your competition dancers, and give them in-house notes. Judging competitions since 2012, Tyger-B has been a judicator for multiple competitions throughout Canada, Ukraine, Russia, China, and more. Tyger-B is look forward to enlightening your dancers hearts and minds on how to shine brighter on each stage they touch. 

In-studio viewings are limited. To receive the in-studio viewing and notes, you must book a workshop, or have a max of five viewings.