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2024 The 5th US Starlight Youth Talent Competition

Hosted by:

American Dancer Association

Organized by:

J.I.A. International Group INC


Dance Categories: 

Ballet, Modern, Classical, National, Tap, Gymnastics, Latin, HipHop, Fusion Dance



Toddler (4-8 years old):

       Junior   (9-12 years old)

       Teenager (13-17 years old)

       Adult     (18-25 years old)

(1st Round:  Submit the Video. Deadline: November 10th)


Each competitor that's it looking to partake in the in-house judging and notes, should be listed in your registration below with their name, style of dance, and age.

In-house viewings are limited to 10 minutes per viewing. Dancers should be prepared to possibly perform twice. Studio owners are incurred to take notes as judging takes place. There is a max of 5 viewings per studio visit.



1. Performance Time:

             -3 minutes (1-3 contestants)

             -5 minutes (4 or more)


2. The content of a contestant’s performance should advocate positive, meritorious, and healthy values; the organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify any performance that are religiously misleading or politically implicative.


3. For Fusion Dance, each dance must have a minimum of two different styles. Displaying vocabulary and choreography that showcases clear distinctions of each style included.


Judging And Viewing Pricing:

-First Viewing : $35

-Three Viewings : $75

-Each Additional Viewing : $20

(Requirements for pieces, see in "Competition Rules and Guidelines" above.)



Please email me to check on available dates, as dates are frequently shifting and scheduled.

In-Studio Judging

  •  There is a max of 5 viewings per studio visit.

    If you need to move a date, availibility will be based on my free schedule. I will work with you to get a rescheduled date asap. Only one schedule change per reservation. 

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