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Introducing my new product, the "Tyger Attachable"s. Stick it to your refrigerator, window, picture frames, your phone, place it on your desk, in your wallet, or your table. To attach, simply wet the back lightly, and then press. The good thing is, you can replace, rearrange, or relocate with ease! No tape or glue required to have a "Tyger Attachable" in your possession. Also, it’s not a magnet, so possibilities have more options, like glass.


Sticks to most flat solid surfaces.

Created for supporters, who can't purchase high quality pieces of art from me. I want to make sure my art spreads throughout as many homes and individuals as possible.



The creation of this piece




An original from Tyger-B. This piece was created digitally from scratch with an apple pencil, no stencils, no photo tracing, and no help from the app used to create it.

I fully embrace this new imagery that I've been working towards, and I'm loving every part of it. Be bigger than life, and do whatever you need to get to your new level!

"Tigers" Tyger Attachables

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