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An original from Tyger-B. This piece was created digitally from scratch with an apple pencil, no stencils, no photo tracing, and no help from the app used to create it. 

I fully embrace this new imagery that I've been working towards, and I'm loving every part of it. Be bigger than life, and do whatever you need to get to your new level!


This piece is about achievements, and the awareness/ lack of awareness of your surroundings, while you're reaching new heights. Sometimes cloud nine can prove to be a space where new things can attempt to shade your focus, while still achieving your accomplishments.


You have two options. If you would like a bigger size than the ones offered here, please email me so that I can create a larger size for your wall.

"Above Cloud 9" ©TBM2022

  • all sales are final

    Please provide a full name, delivery address, phone number, and email address. 

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