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An original from Tyger-B, thanks for ordering! see below for details about your options. 


Your Options: A finished sketch, a black and white completed piece, a full color piecce, a spray painted piece. You can see the options in the sample provided via photos.


Other Options: A creation process video; which you can choose to leave a statment/ dedication in the decription section.  

Videos will be posted via my youtube and/ or instagram.


Sizes Options: 11x17, 16x20, 24x30, 4', 5', 8' (spray paint only). If you would like a bigger size than the ones offered here, please email me so that I can create a larger size for your wall.


Please Note: All prices are for singular subjects. if you would like to add a subject or theme, please email Also, You will need to send a minimum of three photos, of each subject. All spray paint are animals only. 


Tips accepted via Venmo: @TygerB (see profile sample in photos provided above)



No stencils, photo tracing, or outside help will be used to create the piece. Each piece will keep drawing marks to show that it is a piece of art and not just a photo copy, or a faded picture.  Updates and videos will be given on Instagram (, and final piece will be on both Istagram and Youtube ( 

Custom Piece ©TBM2022

  • all sales are final

    Please provide a full name, delivery address, phone number, and email address. 

  • Legal Terms

    Ownership will be given to: 



    Rights shared:



    Rights kept:

    Art creator, sell rights, owner of original artwork.


    The art provided shall not be resold. The art created by Tyger-B/ should not be marked to be created by anyone else besides Tyger/B or The art should not be duplicated by the buyer for any reason. All parties agree to include the above, owners of rights, in their marketing.

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