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Kid Friendly Hour:

A ton of fun. Giveaways, an art class, and dance class to burn off that extra energy! 
One purchase covers one kid and one guardian. Each kid must be equal to the guardian total. The kids hour will end and the adult event will start immediately. Kids are not allowed at the adult event due to adult beverages, and adult themed music and energy.

Adult Event:

This will be a laoded night of greatness, including a night of music, performances, a B-Day celebration, and an art show! So be ready to show off in all white clothing, and dance the night away as you see some wonderful magic throughout the night! Feel free to wear jeans, feel free to wear sweats, feel free to wear last year's unuse Halloween costume, but know that everyone will be living their good times on their sleeves. 

tyger b com

"A Night Out w/ TygerB.com"
Saturday, May 28th 

6pm, Kids Friendly Hr.
7pm, Adults Only.

2100 Chestnut st.

(2nd Level, entrance located on 21st st., next to the deli)
‪Philadelphia, PA 19103‬


$25 at the door!


Join us for a BYO night of performances, and obviously a dance party with music to boost the party vibes! Not to mention, a FREE Class to kick off the event.

Performances, giveaways, and a free shot for guests who arrive within the first hour (while supplies are available.)


Multiple raffle giveaways including...





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tyger b com

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