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We want you to sell, we want you to succeed, we want you to progress... We're focused on you!

Purpose / Mission Statement

I know this mission statement looks long, but it’s very informative! You only have to read it once, haha.

This event was created so artists can focus on selling their work, widening their following, strengthening their marketing, and not dealing with a company that focuses on making more money than the artist. Tyger-B has been working as a visual artist for over 15 years, from doing murals in the Washington, D.C. tri-state area, to creating sets for shows, to traveling around the U.S. to showcase his work. From this, he decided to create an event where artists can sell with less worries.

“I’ve had the pleasure of seeing companies charge me and other fellow artists $300 to showcase our work...but then we couldn’t bring a table, we were forced to be shoulder to shoulder with no creative room, we had to worry about selling tickets, we weren’t the focus of their intentions, and the ticket sales to enter were high enough that potential buyers felt like they’ve already spent enough for the night. This is not the way a professional artist should be taken care of! Galleries are focused only on the most popular artists, and showcases are focused on how much they’re profiting the whole time... I’m making a change happen!”

From this we bring you an artistic show that cares about the artist and their sales. You will be responsible for selling 0 tickets to the event, but you can still promote your art and showcase via social media with and without us. Our email list and your potential buyers will come from the marketing team here at, our supporters at Make Offices, the businesses who have agreed to give free raffles gifts as well as contacting their clients, and many more. From our supporters Make Offices alone, we're able to contact 40+ companies (not individuals) and their wide market which creates 50 events a year; including large events, meetup groups, and internal or external happy hours. This is what Tyger-B and has been working on, creating new outlets for artists that don’t involve them needing/asking for support from their current followers (unless you choose to).

Need To Know Details


All showcases are 21 & older events

The event starts at 7pm for guests. All artists will have early access starting at 12:30pm. All set up must be finished by 5:30. The event will end at 9pm. Breakdown will happen directly after.

Full Artists Package / Returning Full Artists / Promotion Program:
New "Full Artists Package" artists - if 20 or more people purchase a ticket and click your name under "Which Artist Do You Know?", you will receive $40 for bringing new faces to’s event. You will receive payment via PayPal 7-14 business day after the show. Ticket count will happen one week before the showcase.
Returning "Full Artists Package" artists will only pay $100 as opposed to $140. Returning artists will not have the 20 ticket deal.

Each artist will be featured on multiple social media outlets with photos of their work, short videos displaying several of their pieces, and on’s Home and Artist Showcase Event page. Promotions will happen frequently. In addition to this, our sponsors have agreed to promote updates and artists biweekly. Other promotional locations from includes:
Instagram -
TygerB_com / @TygerB_com
Facebook - 

Artwork Display Setup
Option One - The "Full Artists Package" includes a 5' high grid which reaches 4' across, and has two sides which allows you additional art space of 2' wide on the outside, and 1' wide on the inside. All artist should note that the grid will be risen 2.5' - 3' off of the floor. With each "Full Artists Package", each artists will receive 1.5 tables which reaches 4' x 2'. Artists who choose this option are also allowed to bring extra stands if needed. 

Option Two - The "Artists Table" options gives each artists a table which is 4' x 2'. Artist who choose this option are not allowed to bring extra tables or stands. 

There is WiFi! If you need wifi for your Square or PayPal readers, no worries, we have you covered.

Other Details
There will be an open bar for the first hour, and possibly the second hour. This will have your guests feel better about spending money for a ticket...which is only $10 online. We want guests to spend money on purchasing your work, not fight to get dollars just to get in the door. We could easily charge $20-$30 dollars, but that’s not our goal.


Artist Agreement

As an artist you will need to agree to promote yourself, not be shy with your work, and bring your a-game so that you can sell as much as you can! Seriously, this show is for you to let all those who are meeting your work for the first time know that it should be in their house.

On a more serious note, the following will not be ignored, and MUST be upheld, by EACH artist:

All artists agree to manage their own property.
All artists agree to treat all property they’ll be using with respect and caution.
All artists acknowledge that, all staff of, and Make Offices, are not held accountable for any damages, missing items, or injuries to any artist or their property.
All artists agree to keep to the schedule (finishing set up by 6:30 and breaking down immediately at the end of the event).
All artists agree to return all items lent to them at the moment the breakdown process begins.
All artists must be considerate and cautious of the guests, staff, and space. No harm or negativity shall be taken lightly. If any artist, or their work, injures a guest, the staff, or the space, that artist alone is held responsible for the damages and repercussions of their actions.  
All artists are aware (as stated also on the purchase / reserve your spot page) that there are no refunds. If an artist does not show up, this is 100% on the artist alone. If you feel as though you have a serious enough reason as to why you need to pull out of he show, or couldn’t make it, this would have to be discussed with the team and future information and finalization will be given to you.
If an artist brings an assistant, that assistant should be aware that all of the above, applies to them as well. All artists are held accountable for their assistants, and will be considered to take on repercussions if any issues present themselves.

By clicking below, you agree to all of the above terms. Once your spot is reserved, a list of these things will be sent to you as a reminder.

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