2100 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

A FREE workshop from international artist Tyger-B. He has traveled worldwide to teach in many styles, and this time he's giving a Dancehall workshop in the the city of Philadelphia... for FREE. 


Please, only register if you know you can make it. We want to make sure that every student who can actually make it, has a chance to reserve a spot. Thank you in advance. 

Arrive 20-25 minutes early to stretch, and to fill out your waiver (if not printed and signed prior to class). Also, once class starts, we will not be accepting anyone else, so be early, enjoy the city beforehand, get a snack, just don't be late. 





-What level is the class? 
Class will be intermediate/Advance friendly. We don't recommend reserving a spot if you have no dance experience.

-Are guests allowed to come in and watch? Sorry, no. 


-Can we film? Sorry, no.




Email ThatGuy@TygerB.com to reserve your spot. Please provide your full name, and city of residency.

Free Tyger B Workshop

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