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An original from Tyger-B. These pieces were created digitally from scratch with an apple pencil, no stencils, no photo tracing, and no help from the app used to create it. 


A bundle for you and your close ones! I'm happy to bring these designs to you all, and more happy of the request for a father day bundle. I wanted to bring something simular yet defferent, so I created a feel good selection for father and child bond; ranging from energy, boldness, and reflection. Thank you for the support!



outside of my website, you can pay in the following ways.

Venmo: @TygerB (Preferred for one time buyers!!)

Venmo allows me to have the full amount. Other parties take more percentage. If you have Venmo, please pay through it. Include your address and sizes!


Order Early

Recieve on time for fathers day if the order is places by the 4th


*All tees will be black with white tiger designs.

Fathers Day Bundle by

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